Madeira: Introduction

Scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning wildlife and fabulous food

Madeira Introduction Madeira Introduction

Madeira is an archipelago set in the Atlantic Ocean, with mountainous landscapes, unique walking routes, stunning wild flowers and beautiful subtropical gardens. On a holiday in Madeira you’ll find yourself on an island that occupies an interesting position in the Atlantic – Madeira is closer to Africa than mainland Europe, and yet the influences on Madeira’s culture, language and food are Portuguese.

Getting around the island of Madeira, known as the Floating Garden is easy: either hire a car, or use the network of local buses, but be prepared for some hair-raising roads! There are wonderful walking routes that follow Madeira’s unique Levadas – irrigation channels that run from the highlands of Madeira down to the coast. Madeira’s mild climate and a water temperature that never goes below 17ºC mean that you can be on the go all the time during your holiday in Madeira.

The rich seas that surround Madeira provide wonderful opportunities for anglers, wildlife watchers and watersports enthusiasts.
A holiday in Madeira has traditionally been enjoyed by the more mature holidaymaker, but now younger visitors have discovered Madeira’s charms and facilities have changed accordingly, with the introduction of more nightclubs and extreme sports opportunities.

And whether you’ve been exploring old churches or one of the oldest forests in the world, relaxing by the pool or playing on a spectacular mountain golf course, the best way to start your evening on a holiday in Madeira is with a glass of Madeira wine at sundown, before you head out to sample your choice of international cuisine, regional specialities or a bite to eat in a traditional Madeiran tavern, before heading to a local bar, nightclub or a city casino.