Madeira: Food and Drink

Scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning wildlife and fabulous food

Madeira Food and Drink

If you love fresh fish and seafood, you’ll think that Madeira is paradise! Regional dishes of Madeira include espada (fresh black scabbard fish), bife de atum e milho frito (tuna steak and fried maize), lulas (squid), and caldeirada (fish soup) Try also sopa de tomate e cebola (tomato and onion soup), espetada (meat on a spit), carne de vinho e alho (pickled pork in wine and garlic), bolo de caco (regional bread) and bolo de mel (dark honey cake). Also, because of the subtropical climate, in Madeira you'll find wild growing fruits such as bananas, avocado pear and passion fruit. The Madeirans love to go out and eat, and while it is very affordable for many western europeans, it is comparatively expensive for many locals on a minimum wage of less than €500 per month.

The wines are both Madeiran and imported, the main beers on offer will almost certainly come from Coral, a local producer that makes light and dark beers. Along with major brands such as Coca-cola, most of the other juices and fizzy drinks you’ll buy in Madeira come from Brisa, which also manufacture on the island.

Locals and visitors alike enjoying eating outdoors when out for the night in Madeira. The people of Madeira tend to eat quite late at night, often with friends and families, including children.