Madeira: Hiking Activity Holiday

Scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning wildlife and fabulous food

Madeira Hiking Activity Holiday

Walking on Madeira is undoubtedly the best way to see this beautiful and dramatic island. The network of levadas (irrigation channels) follow hundreds of kilometres across the island of Madeira, and can take you through a variety of landscapes in one day – from lush, semitropical rainforest, to barren mountaintop to sunny valley.

One word of warning though, most of these walks on Madeira are not gentle strolls, there can be steep climbs and you can find yourself walking along a narrow path with no safety barriers. If you’re planning to go walking on Madeira, make sure you are prepared, with good walking boots or shoes and suitable clothing – remember if you’re heading upwards it can get chilly even on a sunny day. But don’t be put off hiking in Madeira, it can be an absolute highlight of your holiday on Madeira and there are plenty of easier routes and it is also possible to go on guided walks if you would rather. And keen walkers and hikers will find there are enough walking routes on Madeira to keep them occupied for at least a week.