Madeira: Disabled Needs

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Madeira Disabled Needs

Madeira’s hilly and mountainous terrain does not lend itself to being easily accessible to anyone with mobility problems. In Funchal, the capital of Madeira, the streets are steep and cobbled, which makes it tough going. Those with wheelchairs or walking difficulties will face problems (this applies also to children in prams or pushchairs). Disabld facilities are not common in Madeira, although hotels are mostly able to accommodate, with lifts and ramps. There are few adapted public toilets in Madeira, or disabled-friendly hire cars. However, the footpath between Pico das Pedras and Queimadas, has facilities for visitors with disabilities, so the famous Laurissilva Forest of Madera can be appreciated from a 1980-metre-long track, which can be made in a wheelchair and where information is provided in Braille and SPS (language for people with cerebral palsy).