Madeira: Cycling Activity Holiday

Scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning wildlife and fabulous food

Madeira Cycling Activity Holiday

If you’re after gentle cycles along country lanes, Madeira is not the place to choose for your cycling holiday. However, if you’re a keen mountain biker with the urge to try some serious off-roading, Madeira the place to go biking. If you want to do serious cycling in Madeira you'll be out early and will have trained beforehand. Madeira is full of very steep climbs so if you're staying on the coast your bike ride will be hard going up in the morning but it'll be a gentle ride downhill later on.

Almost anywhere on Madeira is good for cycling. The west of Madeira is possibly the best place for mountain biking, being steep, rugged and wild – and with less traffic. If you’re up for a challenge on your Madeira cycling holiday, there are a couple of passes connecting the north and south of Madeira with the climb to Pico do Ariero being the hardest climb in Europe.
However, renting a mountain bike on Madeira is not easy. Try some of leisure companies that offer bus tours and outdoor activities, and the Madeira Camping Service in Funchal.