Madeira: Camping

Scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning wildlife and fabulous food

Madeira Camping

There are three campsites in Madeira, all of them in beautiful, but quite different locations. Montado do Pereiro with its unspoilt and spectacular scenery, is a real must for a camping holiday in Madeira, set in a restricted and controlled nature reserve on the slopes above Funchal, leading into the mountain tops of Madeira. You’ll need to contact the Madeira Camping Service if you want to spend your camping holiday in Madeira there. Camping in Madeira is also possible at Porto Moniz on the far north coast of Madeira, which is popular for its natural swimming pools carved into by nature through ancient lava flow residues. The camping ground on the island of Porto Santo is by far the most visited by campers to Madeira, and offers a comprehensive range of amenities.