Madeira: Beach

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Madeira Beach

Madeira has a mostly rocky coastline, so if you’re planning a beach holiday in Madeira consider the resort of Calheta on the south west coast, which has two sandy beach bays and whose seafront has seen a lot of renovation in recent years. As well as an ideal location for a beach holiday in Madeira, it is also the main centre for banana plantations in Madeira! Another option for a beach holiday in Madeira can be found a little further up the coast where you’ll find the pebble beaches of Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar, which are Madeira’s surfing hotspots. Other beaches around Madeira are pebble or feature the kind of black sand you see in the Canaries. If you must have a beautiful sandy beach for your beach holiday in Madeira, Madeira’ s small sister island of Porto Santo offers the solution, with 9km of sand that’s even said to have healing properties.