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Los Angeles Hostels

Only in L.A. will hostel stay be considered a scene and become as trendy as the latest fashion. That’s exactly how popular hostels are with young travellers looking to meet up with young Hollywood. There are many hostels to stay in Los Angeles and you may want to stay at several different ones during your visit. This will allow you to experience distinctly different areas of Los Angeles such as downtown, hip & popular neighbourhoods, and beach accessible areas.

Do your homework online and select the one best suited for your needs. Popular hostels are USA Hostel, Hi-Santa Monica, Hi-Los Angeles, Southbay, and the Venice Beach Cotel. Beds range from $20 - $30 dollars and amenities vary. Summer is obviously peak travel time so book early. Many hostels in Los Angeles offer activities and excursions to popular sites and attractions – most are for an extra fee.