Los Angeles: Bed and Breakfast

City Of Angels

Los Angeles Bed and Breakfast

Depending on your preference in decor and location, Los Angeles has many bed & breakfast options for the traveller looking for a homey feel to their stay. From cosy 1920’s cottages, romantic & elegant inns, eclectic bright coloured bungalows, to modern hip homes in the Hollywood Hills or down by the marina or beach – Los Angeles is as diverse in its bed & breakfast accommodations as it is in its culture. Do your homework and select one based on where you plan to do your most sightseeing. This will reduce costs and time spent in traffic.

Amenities will vary but all will include basic services like breakfast if not more meals or snacks, internet services, parking, pool/spa, and a friendly host knowledgeable about the area. Booking is best done directly with the proprietors either by phone or by email. Most B&B’s will have their own websites with photos, guides, and booking instructions. Rates can vary anywhere from $80 per night to $250 per night.