Los Angeles: When to go

City Of Angels

Los Angeles When to go

Peak travel time to Los Angeles is during the summer months when the coastal weather is at its best for sightseeing and visitors can avoid the rainy season. During summertime, Los Angeles can be quite expensive as it is a very popular destination for families, young people, and travellers looking for fun in the sun. Although winter months afford travellers in colder climates a reprieve from snow and ice, it is still not as busy as summer nor as expensive. Springtime has all of Los Angeles in bloom due to its high humidity and temperate climate. It is the best time to take in Farmers Markets around town. Take advantage of the cool Pacific Ocean and beaches during the hottest months of July and August. Just be wary of hot Santa Ana winds that blow down from the mountains and times when smog levels are high due to the heat and geography of the Los Angeles basin.