Los Angeles: Useful Information

City Of Angels

Los Angeles Useful Information

- The HOLLYWOOD sign is not directly accessible by tourists. You can take pictures on public streets with the sign in the background but there is no actual way to visit the sign. It is protected by security precautions that alarm the police if trespassers are near.
- Avoid rush hour traffic at all costs: Monday – Friday in the mornings from 6 AM to 9 AM and in the afternoon and evenings from 3 PM to 7 PM. This is when traffic is heaviest and delays are longest.
- Parking in actual downtown Los Angeles in near impossible during business hours in the work week and can be very expensive. Try alternatives if you must visit downtown like taxicabs or a Metro bus or train.
- Walking while sightseeing is very popular in Los Angeles so bring comfortable summer clothes and shoes. The evenings can be quite mild so taking a light jacket is also recommended.
- Free parking is not common in L.A. so be sure to verify parking fees with your hotel where daily fees can be as much as $30. It is also wise to locate parking options when planning your sightseeing schedule. Venues and parks usually accommodate parking onsite at an extra cost.
- Hotels will stock your mini-bar and refrigerator in your room but at a hefty price tag. I recommend finding a grocery store to purchase some snacks for your room. The hotel concierge can direct you to a nearby convenience store or drugstore that sells groceries.
- Tips and service charges are not added in to the bill unless you are a party of 8 or more so be sure to figure the appropriate tip when paying for services. Los Angeles services will be directly affected by your tips so it’s best to get a tip guide from either online or from your concierge to avoid any issues.