Los Angeles: Food Guide - Dining Out

City Of Angels

Los Angeles Food Guide - Dining Out

With its temperate climate and proximity to the bountiful Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles has access to some of the freshest fruits, vegetables, and seafood in the world. Because of this serendipitous combination, L.A. offers up a wide array of fabulous food served and stylish and exciting restaurants.

Fusion cuisine is very popular where chefs combine cooking styles in one dish causing an explosion of the palette. Celebrities frequent hot restaurants such as The Ivy, Mr. Chow’s, Nobu, and Fraiche. Locals prefer favourites like Langer’s Deli, bld, The Hungary Cat, and Joan’s on Third. And then there are the dives and joints that are quintessential Los Angeles eateries like In-And-Out Burger, Jerry’s Deli, Pinks Hot Dogs, Tito’s Tacos, and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. L.A. is a veritable smorgasbord of dining experiences and residents or travellers are never too far from great eats next door or just around the corner.