Los Angeles: Crime

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Los Angeles Crime

Just as the movies idolize the beautiful places of Los Angeles like Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and the beach front properties of Santa Monica, so too do movies expose areas of L.A. that are prone to criminal activities and generally are unsafe for tourists. The most known areas of Los Angeles that travellers should keep clear from are older areas such as south central and east L.A. This should not be difficult as there a little to draw tourists there in the way of sightseeing or attractions. Stick to your common sense when it comes to your safety in Los Angeles. If your hotel has a safe available, use it for your valuables. Always pay attention to your purse, wallet, or belongings to avoid opportunistic thieves. Although Los Angeles tries to keep its vagrants and panhandlers away from popular areas, they are unavoidable at times in public places. It is best to avoid them entirely.