Los Angeles: Costs

City Of Angels

Los Angeles Costs

Although visitors on an economy budget can experience quite a bit of what Los Angeles has to offer, splurging in L.A. will elevate your experience substantially. For a chance to feel like a movie star, travellers will thrill at the opportunity to stay at hotels, eat at restaurants or shop at boutiques they’ve only dreamed about.

Accommodations can vary from a $20 per night motel stay to thousands of dollars for suites at the most stylish hotels. Dining can range from a $1.99 world famous hamburger or hotdog to thousands of dollars for the finest cuisine. Cocktails at nightclubs will be the most expensive with a single drink running about $15. Theme park tickets will cost anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the age of the guest. Extended passes are usually your best deal.

As for basic personal necessities, items provided in your hotel room and available at your hotel shop can be quite costly compared to items you purchase at a convenience store. Try purchasing supplies at a local grocery store such as Ralph’s or Albertson’s. Tipping is highly expected in Los Angeles and is automatically factored in to employee salaries: salaries are lower due to expected tip wages. Therefore, it is essential for you to get a tip guide to prevent causing offense.