Lisbon: Food and Drink

Beautiful views, majestic monasteries, quaint cafe's and more

Lisbon Food and Drink

Food & Drink in Lisbon is of a surprising variety, in terms of taste, atmosphere and price. Once almost a source of fear among travelers, Portuguese food, characterized mostly by fish, beans and local meats is making its mark on Europe’s gastronomic map. Native, colonial and international cuisine combine making Lisbon an emerging culinary center. Although fish and other local dishes still rule, Lisbon is home to a wide range of Asian, Brazilian, African, Indian, European and fusion restaurants. Also popular are Lisbon’s growing number of health food and vegetarian cafés and restaurants. Portugal is of course a center for wine and its capital has them all on offer. Local Port, Moscatel and Vinho Verde (green wine) varieties are among Portugal’s favorites and are all available in Lisbon starting at very low prices. The most popular domestic beers are Sagres and Super Bock.