Lisbon: Hen Destination

Beautiful views, majestic monasteries, quaint cafe's and more

Lisbon Hen Destination

For hen parties Lisbon offers a wide selection of hotels, venues, clubs, bars and other nightlife options to suit most budgets. English is widely understood in most travel and tourist situations, so hen parties should be reasonably easy to arrange.

There are many spas in Lisbon and most large hotels offer massage and beauty treatments, perfect for hen celebrations. Of course the beach is nearby and the weather is great for recuperating after a night of partying. Restaurants are often on the small and friendly side, but larger eateries also exist. Drinks are much cheaper than most of Europe and parties often spill out onto the streets in this festive city. Lisbon is a friendly hen destination with many options and facilities and is still just slightly off the beaten path, so raucous crowds aren’t a problem like with many hen destinations.