Larnaca: Introduction

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Larnaca Introduction Larnaca Introduction

Larnaca provides entertainment, stimulation and relaxation for all, and with its very own international airport, it is a convenient and thrilling getaway for all holidaymakers. Larnaca, formerly known as Kition, is embedded with history and modernity. This eclectic mix of archaeological ruins, modern bars and golden sandy beaches means that every tourist will truly have the time of their lives.

Larnaca was thought to be discovered by Noah’s great grandson in 1400 BC, and is one of the only cities that has continuously remained inhabited during its 6,000 year history. The city’s captivating past can still be seen at Ancient Kition where you can view the ruins of 5 temples and gaze at the city walls. Larnaca Castle offers more historic delights with its own archaeological museum. Whilst Larnaca’s diverse religious history is also evident in the present day city. The Ayios Lazaros Church and The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque are both celebrated homes of prayer, and have rich religious histories. As well as having a fascinating past to explore, Larnaca is a great place to top up your tan and experience world class water sports.

There is indeed a beach for every holidaymaker. If you would like to view more tranquil waters, there are boat trips from Phinikoudis beach, and yachting is also a popular option for tourists. For a day in the shade, you can stretch your body and mind in the city centre; Larnaca’s centre houses the District Museum, as well as a multitude of special interest shops, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and palettes. Larnaca is heaving with history, culture and natural beauty and will leave every tourist with an unforgettable experience.