Laos: Introduction

Southeast Asia?s most pristine environment

Laos Introduction Laos Introduction Laos Introduction

Laos is officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and operates with a socialist republic single-party Communist state. It traces its unique Asian origins back to the Kingdom of Lan Xang or the Land of a Million Elephants and although there are not quite a million elephants left, there are still many untouched and well-preserved reminders of its culture.

One of the cheapest holiday destinations you’re likely to ever visit, 15 Euros per day including accommodation is usually more than enough to get by like a king and experience all the natural beauty of Laos. Still it’s the beautiful simplicity and untouched fascination with simple community life that attracts visitors sick of the city and wanting to make a difference where their money really matters and meeting some wonderful people along the way too. Laos may be known as ‘forgotten’ but it can teach you simple lessons that seem to be oh-so easily brushed aside in the Western world.

Laos boasts some wonderfully Thai-inspired cuisine, with extra spice; it’s bitter rather than sweet that goes down here. Also popular is one of Laos’ only exports, the hugely popular Beerlao; available in light, regular and dark is a particularly cost-effective way to lazily pass the days staring at the jaw-dropping sunsets.