Jersey: When to go

The Largest Channel Island

Jersey When to go

Jersey is an island geared up for tourism. When to go to Jersey is very dependent on your personal circumstances. Work out first what you want from your holiday or break in Jersey as the island has such a huge variety of attractions and activities to offer the visitor. If you want sun, the best time to go to Jersey is from June to August however as you would expect this period is the busiest and the most expensive. Those stuck with certain weeks because of work or the kids’ school holidays should book as early as possible even 3 months or more in advance. Discounts for booking early are usually available so you can still pick up a bargain break.

Other busy periods on the island are Easter and Christmas where hotel and guest house prices are at a premium. If you decide to go to Jersey any other time of the year you will most definitely find some real bargains. The weather may be cooler and some attractions and facilities may be closed or on shorten hours nevertheless you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied.