Jersey: Useful Information

The Largest Channel Island

Jersey Useful Information

Although Jersey has its own Pounds Sterling notes and coins, English money can be used freely. Euros are accepted in a limited number of outlets.
- Credits cards are widely accepted using “chip and pin” transactions.
- Jersey has every high street bank and up to 35 other well established banks, with offshore centres for client investments.
- Lower rates of direct and indirect taxation mean that the prices of many items are lower than on the UK mainland.
- UK mobile phone networks do not extend to Jersey. To use your mobile in the Island, you need to select one of the island’s three networks.
- Voltage supply is the same as the UK 220-240 volts with the using the UK standard square 3 pin plugs.
- Jersey postage stamps not UK stamps must be used on all post leaving the island.
- Internet Access can be found in various cafes, outlets and the Jersey Library. The Airport and Liberation Bus Station have WiFi access.
- Illegal Drugs carry extremely severe sentences. Strict drink driving laws also apply. Penalties include hefty fines and a ban for at least a year, prison sentences are also given to offenders. Roadside breathalysers are in use.
- The national UK newspapers are available each day on the island.
- UK Radio and Television broadcasts can be picked up in Jersey and most TV’s are tuned to receive them.
- Jersey has some of the highest tides in Europe. Changes in tide levels happen just in a few hours. Take care on the beach and even extra care on rocky areas. Keep a watchful eye on the tide at all times. The parish of St Clements doubles in size when the tide is out.
- Jersey follows the UK time exactly whether it’s Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time.
- Mains water is perfectly safe to drink and is of a very high quality. In the country please check the quality first with the owner as sometimes water comes from boreholes.
- Jersey like the UK is a Christian country. Churches from most denominations can be found.
- At the discretion of the proprietor, public bars are open to persons over 18 between the following hours: Weekdays 9am - 11pm, Sundays 11am - 11pm. Some premises may also permit children under the age of 18 in public bars up to 9pm if accompanied by an adult.
- The markets and some shops are closed on Thursday afternoons - otherwise normal shopping hours apply 9am - 5.30pm. During the summer months a number of shops are open in the evenings. High Street shops are closed on Sunday.
- Currently there are no casinos on the Island, as they are prohibited by existing gambling laws however this may change in the future.