Jersey: Scuba Diving

The Largest Channel Island

The warm waters surrounding the Channel Islands make it an ideal home for a wide range of marine life and a for great scuba diving. The geological history of the island, its underwater world of platoon caverns, steep sided underwater valleys and high tidal movements makes a scuba diving in Jersey a fascinating experience. Some of the best scuba diving spots in Jersey is the shipwreck site of SS Schokland Dutch Freighter which sunk in 1943. It’s filled with marine life, lobster and conger eel all living in the cargo hold. Bouley Bay, a protected cove has an impressive array of marine life like wrasse, rays and several species of crabs. It is a popular shore diving spot in Jersey. Explore St Catherines Breakwater and observe interesting corals and fish making their home within the granite. There are several centres offering PADI diving courses. Even beginners can discover and enjoy the abundant marine life scuba diving in Jersey.