Jersey: Food and Drink

The Largest Channel Island

Jersey’s variety and diversity in attractions and activities is equally matched when it comes to food and drink in Jersey. Jersey’s good living and fine food enjoys a glowing reputation the world over. Expect the biggest and most wonderful choice when it comes to eating out. Of course you may be thinking, does this fine cuisine come at a price. Of course if you dine out at the Michelin star rated restaurant which is also in Egon Ronay’s top 25 UK restaurants, you would expect to pay top prices. Not necessarily, at The Bohemia in St Helier lunch here costs between £21 to £25 and dinner is anything from £30 upwards. So armed with this information if that’s the prices for a top rated restaurant, what will it cost to eat out in Jersey’s many other restaurants, bistros and cafes.

You will be able to find many places where you can eat out for £10 or have a sumptuous breakfast for £5. Bear in mind though if you want a restaurant with a view, looking out over a bay, expect to pay extra. Most of these restaurants put on “lunch specials” so that stunning view and photograph you’re after won’t cost the earth. There over 200 restaurants not including cafes in Jersey with a wide choice of food and drink which includes French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Seafood and New World cuisine.

If you love seafood then dining out in Jersey is the perfect place as the waters that surround Jersey produce an abundance of top quality shellfish, including: chancre crab, spider crab, lobster, fresh scallops and oysters. Jersey also offers simpler dishes such as Jersey plaice, seabass and mackerel. If you're lucky you may come across the local delicacy, the ormer, a type of marine snail. You will also find a variety of pubs that offer food and drink. There are also guided walks for visitors who want to experience the gourmet offering on the island. Fast foodies are not left out either. There’s even a MacDonalds in Jersey.