Jersey: Fishing

The Largest Channel Island

Fishing is a favourite pastime for the locals in Jersey. There are many types of fish that can be caught either from the shore or a boat. Anglers are however advised to hire a guide for boat fishing in Jersey as it is necessary to keep a watchful eye on the tide at all times. The parish of St Clements doubles in size when the tide is out and the vast tidal movements are potentially dangerous. The waters in the east coast by the side the medieval castle of Mont Orgueil in Gorey Harbour are an ideal fishing ground for Bass, Conger, Mackerel, Rays, and Squid. Alternatively, you can join the locals in their favourite fishing haunt at GREVE DE LECQ, the pier on the north coast of Jersey or you could do some night fishing in Jersey by the breakwater at St. Catherine’s. For fly fishing enthusiasts, the still waters in Val de la Mar, Grands Vaux and Queens Valley reservoirs are well stocked with rainbow trout and browns. See the events calendar for Jersey fishing events.