Japan: Introduction

Advanced technology, suit-clad businessmen and dolled-up geisha

Japan Introduction Japan Introduction

Since the 1950's. Japan has seen almost continual economic growth and is today one of the world's largest economies. Japan's cities bustle with energy; neon lights, bullet trains, skyscrapers, hi-tech electronics, a trendy nightlife and streets crammed with people.

However, look beyond the bright flashing neon lights, and you'll see that Japan has an ancient and beautiful heart. This can be best seen in cherry blossom season, and the many other ancient festivals throughout the year. What is more, once you escape the hustle and bustle of the busy cities, you'll discover a country bursting with natural beauty. Whether it be on the tropical,, sun drenched beaches in the south, in the hot volcanic springs surrounding Mt Fuji, or at a snow festival in the north, you'll find in Japan a place of beauty and tranquillity.