Iceland: Introduction

An ice-capped paradise

Iceland Introduction Iceland Introduction

Iceland is a country for all seasons. Irrespective of when you visit Iceland, the different seasons provide an unique experience leaving you with a host of unforgettable memories. Rugged landscapes, volcanic mountains, lava fields, waterfalls and lush farm fields will keep you in awe of the wonders of nature. The season of Spring brings new life to the fields and vegetation. Migrant birds begin their journey back to the cliffs in Iceland, providing an excellent opportunity for bird watching.

In summer, the dazzling shades of blue across Iceland’s sky never seem to disappear. The Capital city, Reykjavik is filled with festivities and events to celebrate the longest day of the year. Summer is also the time for many outdoor activities such as diving, glacier skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and horse riding. Away from Reykjavik, Iceland encourages visitors to explore its purity, vastness and wondrous views of uninhabited landscapes. Autumn heralds a transition of beauty as the green vegetation moves through many shades of the spectrum from reds to browns and yellows. The landscape is a colourful wash of splendid tints affording excellent opportunities for postcard quality photographs. Winter is the time to enjoy one of nature’s greatest phenomenon. The spectacular Aurora Borealis is probably the most breathtaking light show in the sky you will ever see. As you watch light dances and flickers in veils of green, white or red light leaving you in sheer astonishment.

Iceland is known for its fresh cuisines as the ingredients are supplied daily from fresh seafood caught from the country’s unpolluted oceans and meat from animals that graze the lush meadows. Iceland’s natural beauty is matched by its Icelandic products found in wide array of shopping outlets. Reykjavik is renowned as Europe’s ‘hottest city’ for nightlife so evenings will just be as fun filled as the day time on a visit to Iceland.