Hong Kong: Introduction

The Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong Introduction Hong Kong Introduction

Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient, is a unique and vibrant city renowned for its reputation as where the Western world meets the East. The territory, under British rule until changing hands to China in 1997, boasts unforgettable Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak and formidable skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Visitors to Hong Kong will enjoy not only the Western and Eastern flair but the fast faced lifestyle and myriad of markets, traditional enclaves, within the setting of breathtaking natural beauty (hundreds of outlying islands, ocean, mountain ranges, and forests).

Hong Kong's location is an attraction in itself, divided into four districts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands, the heart of Hong Kong remains the Victoria Harbour. Catch a ride on the Star Ferry for unbeatable views of the city's towers and iconic harbour promenade. At night the lights are a fantastic sight.

In both Hong Kong's urban and rural areas you will find countless reminders of the territory's rich history such as traditional temples, historic churches, anscestral homes and colonial architecture. Hong Kong is home to the largest outdoor Buddha, found on Lantau island. Just one of Hong Kong's memorbale islands, Lantau gives visitors a wonderful chance to visit traditional fishing villages and monasteries while appreciating the unspoilt landscape.

Hong Kong is undeniably a territory in transition but still knows how to balance business and pleasure; Hong Kong may serve up capitalism in all forms (shopping of no other kind, maze-like street markets, huge financial towers and efficient transport links) but few urban city's can boast the stunning beaches and scenery, cultural galleries, fantastic local eateries and enough festivals to fill up an entire calendar year as can Hong Kong. In short, Hong Kong is an exciting location for all visitors.