Hawaii: Motels

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Hawaii Motels

Many visitors to Hawaii plan to fill almost every moment of their days and nights with endless outdoor activities, dining, entertainment and nightlife leaving little time spent at their accommodations. Staying in a smaller, inexpensive, and “with less amenities” motel may be a better way to go when you only need a place to lay your head and store your things. The most popular motels will be closer to the beaches and larger cities. Most will be within walking distance or near public transportation. Rooms can be booked anywhere from $20 - $100 per night depending on the season and their location. Motel accommodations are quite popular due to their low prices so be sure to book as early as possible. Online bookings are your best option. Do your homework as picking a motel near transportation and popular sites will be the most convenient for you. Some motels include breakfast or have a restaurant conveniently located next door.

Motels in Hawaii can be booked online via our accommodation section in the main tab above. Our links are updated daily to provide all Ok Alpha users with the latest special offers and the best rates for motels in Hawaii.