Hawaii: Hostels

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Hawaii Hostels

There are many hostel accommodations available in Hawaii. Each island will dictate the location of hostels based on areas where sightseeing and activities are most popular: like beaches, parks, shopping markets, and entertainment districts. No matter which hostel you select, they are conveniently just a quick walk to public transportation stops. Amenities vary slightly from hostel to hostel but they all offer dorm or semi-private rooms anywhere from $10 to $50 with breakfast usually included and discounts for extended stays. Planned activities, barbeques, and guided tours are common so be sure to take advantage and make some new friends! Many hostels also offer Wi-Fi access, public telephones, business centres and ATM’s. Others have gardens, courtyards, and outdoor grilling areas where guest can prepare their own meals. Generally hostels only cater to either international travellers or students, however most Hawaii hostels are also available to tourists. Be sure to check requirements before booking online or by calling directly.

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