Hawaii: Introduction

Sip cocktails with hibiscus flowers in your hair!

Hawaii Introduction Hawaii Introduction

As the Aloha State Hawaii is not only famous for its tropical island paradise but also for its warm and friendly locals. They happily welcome millions of visitors each year to experience the bliss of island life. The state is home to several islands all of which are breathtaking in their own way.

Many people visit Hawaii to rest and relax in the sand and surf; enjoy the amazing food of the diverse cultures that have settled there; and to experience some of the best weather and climate in the world. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and carved out of rugged volcanoes, Hawaii is ideal for outdoor activities like diving, surfing, snorkelling, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and a host others. Hawaii is also popular for its amazing landscape of lush tropical scenery, miles and miles of pristine beaches, vibrant reefs, erupting volcanoes, and sunsets that will warm anyone’s heart.

Whether you decide to stay at the world renowned Royal Hawaiian Resort on the Waikiki Beach or at the Coconut Cottage B&B on the Big Island, visitors will spend their days and nights enjoying Hawaii’s diverse culture. Take a break from the local markets full of fresh produce and international treasures to spend an afternoon learning to hula dance or paddle an outrigger. Whatever you do, Hawaii will infuse you with it famous “Aloha Spirit”.