Hawaii: When to go

Sip cocktails with hibiscus flowers in your hair!

Hawaii When to go

Any time is a great time to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Climate fluctuates very little so warm waters and cool tradewinds are constant throughout the year. However, Hawaii can be quite busy during the winter months when visitors are looking for a tropical escape from the frigid conditions back in their home city. Another popular time is during the summer months when many students are on their summer holiday and have time to travel. Many families choose the summer months to visit Hawaii. During these peak times, accommodations and services become more expensive and bookings should be done early to avoid sell-outs.

Hawaii vacation discounts are most common in the spring and fall when there are more rainy days. Even though spring and fall are commonly known as the rainy season when rain and tropical storms are expected, Hawaii benefits from a convenient quick weather phenomenon where if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes for it will surely change. Because of this, visitors can get the most bang for their budget and more than likely have to endure only a few cloudy days.