Hawaii: Costs

Sip cocktails with hibiscus flowers in your hair!

Hawaii Costs

Hawaii is so incredibly diverse when in to comes to costs. Accommodations can vary from a $10 per night hostel stay to thousands of dollars for suites at a luxury resort. Dining options range from pennies for local sweet treats at roadside stands to hundreds of dollars for the gourmet feasts at the latest celebrity chef inspired restaurants. Cocktails are generally below the average at around $5-$10 dollars in many local spots. As for basic personal necessities, items provided in your hotel room and available at your hotel shop can be quite costly compared to items you purchase at a convenience store. We recommend stopping by ABC, a popular chain of stores all around the island. They sell everything from groceries, personal products, clothes, souvenirs to beach and snorkelling equipment. Tipping is highly expected in Hawaii and is calculated in to employee salaries: salaries are lower due to expected tip wages. Therefore, it is essential for you to get a tip guide to prevent causing offense.