Hawaii: Beach

Sip cocktails with hibiscus flowers in your hair!

Hawaii Beach

Every Hawaiian Isle is home to its own special beach that visitors and locals come to love as the personality of that island. Oahu’s world famous Waikiki Beach is known as the birthplace of surfing. Here visitors on a beach holiday are treated to a stretch of sand and waterfront made famous by many films, television, and photographs.

Travellers are encouraged to take part in many of the activities on the beach such as sunning, enjoying the warm waters, volleyball, taking a ride on an outrigger canoe, and most of all a surfing lesson. Spending your beach holiday on Molokai will let you leisurely explore Hawaii’s largest stretch of white sand beach at Papohaku Beach. And if you’re on the Big Island, it’s a must that you see black sand beach so named for the volcanic sand on its shores.