Havana: Introduction

Capital of Cuba

Havana Introduction Havana Introduction

Havana is situated to the north of Cuba and is the main port of the island, as well as the capital city. It is a city famous for the hospitality of its locals and the vibrancy of its nightlife, not to mention the astonishing architecture and breathtaking local beaches, all of which maintain the idyllic white sand and turquoise waters that every beach-lover dreams of. The city itself houses some of the most astonishingly beautiful buildings in the Caribbean, indeed Ernest Hemingway himself stated that no city in the world surpassed Havana for beauty save Paris and Venice. In terms of nightlife the city is unrivaled, with clubs and bars that have been legendary since the halcyon days of the 50s. Fine restaurants abound, serving up the very best in Caribbean cuisine, though tastes from around the world are catered for. Famously, there is no McDonald’s in Havana, though rumors abound that one lies flat-packed and waiting in Florida for the fall of the communist regime. This city is truly unspoiled and, like Cuba itself, has rejected the globalizing influence of the major corporations. For the individual seeking a truly idyllic, unspoiled mixture of old world charm with a cosmopolitan flavour, there is truly no better destination than Havana.