Guatemala: Lodges

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Lodges

Lodge style accommodation is popular in the more remote and rural parts of Guatemala, especially in the nature parks. There are several lodge style hotels in the National Park that surrounds Tikal, for example. They offer chalet or bungalow style accommodation, but not all of them provide breakfast.

In some parks in Guatemala the accommodation can be relatively expensive, because there is little or no accommodation to keep prices down. It is often a good idea to book in advance, because many lodges fill up with block bookings. Prices in Guatemala generally start at around £20 for a single room, but will vary according to location and season. A recent development in Guatemala has been eco-lodges. These are generally bungalows that sleep up to 5 people. Many of them have the kinds of luxury amenities that you would expect in any modern home, even though they are located in the middle of the jungle, so you rest assured can drink water that is safe and you will be protected from insects. A lodge such as this in Guatemala would cost between £60 and £75 per person per day. A more basic lodge in Guatemala, for example in the highlands near Coban, might cost between £20 and £30 per person per day.

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