Guatemala: Crime

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Crime

Guatemala has had something of a reputation for being dangerous, so you will need to take precautions when travelling there. Having said that, you should avoid trouble by exercising a reasonable amount of caution and common sense. It is not advisable to wander around Guatemala City, and other cities, late at night. If you are driving, you need to make sure that all of your valuable items are out of sight. It is also a good idea not to drive around with your car windows wound down. If you are travelling in the highlands, or in parts of El Peten, you should be aware that there are sometimes armed robbers. Avoid stopping your vehicle in these remote areas unnecessarily. Armed robbers in these areas have also sometimes attacked buses and minibuses. Local people are often good source of up-to-date information on dangers in any particular area and can often be relied on more than the media or officials. If you are unlucky enough to come into contact with armed carjackers, you are advised not to resist, but give up your vehicle.