Guatemala: Fishing

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Fishing

Guatemala's Pacific coast is the place to go if you enjoy deep sea fishing. Several world records for various species of fish have been broken at Iztapa and you can experience the thrill of fishing for yellow-fin tuna, shark and marlin there. Guatemala's Pacific coast is also renowned for its high concentrations of billfish, and particularly for sailfishing. A typical 3 day 3 night fishing package in Guatemala, including transfers from Guatemala City, hotels and food would cost in the region of £2,000 per person.

Alternatively, you might like to go fishing on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala for largemouth bass. The deep volcanic lake, warmed by underwater vents, provides an excellent habitat for these very large bass. They are best to be caught between March and May before and after their spawning season. The bass were introduced to Lake Atitlán in 1958 to attract anglers. Although the bass have caused damage to the local fish stocks, Lake Atitlán now offers year-round angling. Fishing excursions are available from Panajachel and Santiago Atitlán.