Guatemala: Canoeing

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Canoeing

Guatemala provides wonderful opportunities for combining canoeing and kayaking with other types of adventure holiday. There are placid class 2 rivers and, for the more adventurous and skilled canoeists the rapids of and torrential white waters of class 4 in Guatemala .

There are also many skilled and competent instructors in Guatemala and quality kayaking and canoeing equipment is freely available. Whatever the type of river, Guatemala offers stunning scenery and splendid settings for canoeing. For the experienced canoeist, try the Esclavos, Naranjo and Montagua rivers between June and October, whilst the Rio Cahabon will have something to offer every level of ability throughout the year in Guatemala. Prices will vary , but a typical two-day tour involving canoeing/kayaking,
rafting and exploring wildlife in Guatemala would cost upwards of £145.