Guatemala: Bus Tours

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Bus Tours

Bus travel is the most common form of transport in Guatemala, so you will find plenty of scheduled services to travel virtually anywhere in the country. These will include the numerous ex-North American school buses, which are often re-painted in bright colours, and the more luxurious long-distance coaches, which are more comfortable. A typical journey from Guatemala City to Flores by coach will take about 10-12 hours and cost £15. The coaches and ex-school buses are an excellent option for independent travellers in Guatemala on a budget.

There are several options available too if you would like to book a coach tour in Guatemala and if your budget is not so limited. For example, tour operators run bus tours from Guatemala City and Antigua (Guatemala) to Tikal and Flores in the Peten in the north of Guatemala. A two-day bus tour of this kind in Guatemala would typically cost around £140 and include food and one night's accommodation. You could also do the tour in one day for around £120, but this would be a very tiring option. Many to our packages in Guatemala include combinations of internal flights and bus transport to nearby locations too.