Guatemala: Safari Activity Holiday

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala's rich and varied wildlife make it an ideal place to watch nature. You can wander in the rainforests in El Peten, listening to the howler monkeys, perhaps you would like to see humming birds sipping nectar from a banana flower, or you could watch turtles laying their eggs on the black sands of Guatemala's Pacific coast.

There is no shortage of National Parks and nature reserves in Guatemala, with over 30 protected areas, so the only problem you will have is choosing which ones you want to visit. There are two types of nature reserve in Guatemala Biotopos (Biological Reserves) and Parques Nacionales (National Parks). Some of the nature reserves in Guatemala are in very remote areas, but even if you do not want to travel into the wild, there are plenty that are within reach of towns and cities. Guatemala is an excellent location for a safari holiday.