Guatemala: Beach

Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala Beach

Guatemala is popular among visitors who are looking for a beach holiday. Although there are only 248.5 miles of coastline, there are many opportunities for beach holidays in Guatemala. From the distinctive black sands of Guatemala's Pacific Coast, to the secluded beach villages on the Caribbean, you will find the time and the space to relax in peaceful surroundings far away from city life.

Guatemala's coasts are comparatively undeveloped for tourism, especially on the relatively short Caribbean coast, but there are plenty of things to do for families, couples and singles alike. Guatemala's Caribbean coast has much to offer, such as sailing, fishing, swimming and some scuba diving. The Afro-Caribbean influences of Garífunas, descendants of former African slaves and the indigenous Maya, remain evident in the area's music, festivals and cooking. On Guatemala's Pacific Coast, one of the most popular resorts is Monterrico, which has several hotels and restaurants.

To get to the town you need to take a boat for a short ride through mangroves along the Chiquimulilla Canal. Monterrico is a great place to relax, eating fresh seafood and of course for swimming. The Monterrico Natural Reserve includes mangrove swamps and lagoons. Those areas are a great place for bird watching. The park also has a centre for the protection of protecting sea turtles and a small zoo featuring local animals. All in all, you will find some excellent opportunities for beach holidays in Guatemala.