Guam: When to go

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam When to go

The island of Guam maintains a year-round, stable tropical climate, and temperatures generally hold between the low twenties to low thirties all year round. The dry season, and subsequently the hottest months, are January, February, March, April and early May. The wet season runs from July through August, September, October and part of November. June is a transitional month, as is December, when the temperatures and weather are a mixed bag. If you are looking for a beach holiday, then the early part of the year is most convenient, but temperatures shouldn’t be uncomfortable during any month.

Due to the high popularity of Guam among Japanese tourists, it is advisable to avoid the Japanese holiday season if you would prefer to see the island when it is less busy. The weeks to avoid, therefore, are Christmas, Golden Week (last week of April/first week of May), and Obon, during August. You are also likely to have great difficulty booking travel to and accommodation in Guam during these times, as the island gets incredibly busy. Guam offers several events and festivals at different times of the year (see below), and depending on your preference these will represent a good opportunity to visit the island.