Goa: Resorts

Mayhem in Paradise

The main resorts in Goa are in south Goa. They have developed and grown much in recent years and cater for all needs. There are package resorts which can cost anything from 100 euro a night, although remember if you book either in advance or a last minute package deal some good all inclusive prices can be found. Then there are the 5* resorts which, in peak season, can cost as much as 400 euro a night. Always use the hotel safes provided for your personal valuables and do shop around for better deals. Resorts in Goa are always best booked prior to travel and the internet can be a good place to start searching for those deals.

Luxury Resorts in Goa can be booked online via our accommodation section in the main tab above. Our links are updated daily to provide all Ok Alpha users with the latest special offers and the best rates for resorts in Goa.