Goa: Hostels

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Hostels accommodation in Goa come in the form of a guest house. Guest houses with twin rooms are so cheap that there is no requirement for hostels with large shared rooms so the guest houses in Goa are the alternative to the hostel. Guest houses / hostels in Goa are a very popular form of accommodation and are everywhere to suit all budgets. They range from 2 euro a night for the most basic accommodation where you will find basic communal wash facilities and a room with twin beds.

You will find hostels / guest houses in Goa are always very sociable and a good source of information from meeting fellow travelers. Given the choice, most travelers will chose to stay in a hostel accommodation over a 5* hotel, purely for the social aspect. Hostels / Guest houses in Goa do come in various forms though are you do not always have to rough it to stay in one. They do come with en-suite bathrooms and more deluxe hostels / guest houses cost up which to 50 euro a night. For the basic, mid-range , clean guest house / hostel look to pay in the region of 5 euro a night with a shared bathroom and 10 for en-suite. Do note though that the bugs are attracted to the water so you are less likely to attract cockroaches if you have a shared bathroom. Always take your own padlock for the door and use a safe for your personal valuables.

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