Goa: Useful Information

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Goa Useful Information

- Try not to touch stray animals, particularly cats, dogs and goats as there is a chance of acquiring rabies through their bites.
- Goan food is notoriously spicy.
- Wear insect repellent as malarial although not common does exist in Goa.
- Check for hygiene and cleanliness if eating at a roadside restaurant.
- It’s best to have a small first aid kit at hand in case of any gastro illness or wounds.
- Do not roam barefooted as there is a chance of catching a fungal infection.
- Do not drink the tap water.
- Avoid anyone approaching you claiming your ears need to be cleaned, it is a scam.
- Watch out for pickpockets in crowded places such as the markets and bazaars, a common stomping ground for thieves
- Never believe the price tag as it is expected you haggle.
- Internet cafes are widely available and cheap. Be prepared for the connection to be relatively slow.