Goa: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Goa Food Guide - Dining Out

Goa is famous for its spicy seafood curries. If you chose to eat in the best restaurants (generally found at hotels) or at beach font shacks, Goa food is traditionally good. Unlike other places in the world, you do not have to break the bank to find a gourmet feast and the food at the small local places can be just as good as at a 5* restaurant. Do not expect to go to Goa and lose weight as the old cliché may have been. It is more likely the opposite as the food is so good, cheap and readily available.

Accommodating the tourists, Goan food can be prepared as spicy or un-spicy as you wish and even if you’re not a huge curry fan, there is no doubt you will find something from their broad menus to satisfy your taste buds. If you cannot take the heat, make sure you inform the waiter whilst ordering the dish and they will be happy to make suggestions or tell the chef to lay off the spices!

If you are a vegetarian there will also be plenty on offer even though the Goan diet mainly consists of fish, seafood and meat. There has been the a few recent resurrections of fast food chains appearing in Goa, which somewhat take away from the authenticity of the place but if it’s a burger you’re craving then you will know where to go.