Goa: Crime

Mayhem in Paradise

Goa Crime

The fact is in Goa many crimes do go unreported. Goa is definitely a place to be vigilant at all times and to keep your common sense close about you for the unexpected. Women travelling alone are at risk and there are many incidents when women alone at night have been targeted by groups of Indian men. There have been many allegations of rape from young western women around North Goa’s. South Goa crime rates are far less and many of the hotels have private beaches and security. Statistics reveal that out of 2.2 million foreign tourists who visited Goa in a year, there were 55 deaths. It is difficult to ascertain how many of these deaths were unnatural as shockingly half of the cases are never solved. Does this mean that Goa is unsafe due to crime? The locals and many of the visitors would answer a definitely No and that crime rates are low, particularly in relation to a lot of major cities in the world but when travelling to Goa it is always advisable to lock up your valuables as temptation will sometimes be too much for some.