Goa: Shopping

Mayhem in Paradise

Shopping in Goa is usually a lot of fun and many visitors return home each year with a bag full of trinkets. A lot of the shopping in Goa is done in the form of markets. As well as the unique Anjuna Flea Market on Wednesdays, Ingo’s Saturday Night Baazar, is a great place for shopping in Goa, whilst soaking up the atmosphere. It provides an array of crafts, arts and jewellery, along with Rajastani dancing, hip hop music, fire juggling and dance. Mapusa market, popular with the locals in Goa, is a great place to pick up spices. More recently Goa has become home to some more modern shops, which you will find scattered around, selling good quality clothing or if you want to get good quality clothes made and not break the bank, then try out the tailors in Mapusa.