Goa: Cycling - Mountain Biking

Mayhem in Paradise

Being a place with such natural beauty what better way to explore the stunning sights than on bicycle. Cycling in Goa is a beautiful way of exploring and the bicycles are not only cheap but readily available to hire. Be careful of the pot holes which can appear without warning as the streets are not all lit brilliantly at night time. Another thing to watch out for are the cows which tend to wander freely in the road and being holey it will not go down well with the locals if one gets harmed by your bicycle! Goa is also renowned for some crazy drivers to be cautious if cycling in Goa. Helmets are often work by the motorbike riders so if you are thinking of cycling in Goa, it’s best to pack a helmet. Bicycles in Goa are very cheap to hire, costing as little as 0.5 Euros a day