Goa: Bunji Jumping

Mayhem in Paradise

Gravity Zone, adjacent to Anjuna beach in Goa, is the only bungee jumping offered in Goa, in fact it is the only bungee jumping available in South or South East Asia. Placed at the foot of Anjuna’s picturesque hills, you will climb to the top of the very high structure, then, with elastic tied to your feet you will be swept towards the golden sand.

If you are brave enough to take the plunge, bungee jumping in Goa is very cheap. A single bungee in Goa costs around 6 euro, with a 50% discount offered if you take another bungee on the same day. A certificate is issued on completion of the jump. Opening times are 10am til 1.30pm and 3 til 9.45pm. The age limit is between 14 and 50 years old. If you are pregnant, have any medical conditions or suffer from a weak heart, bungee jumping is obviously not recommended.