Goa: Backpacking

Mayhem in Paradise

If you want to experience the real Goa then a backpacking holiday to Goa is the ideal way of doing it. Backpacking in Goa will guarantee you a memorable holiday but you will need to keep your wits about you and invest in a money belt and secure padlock to protect your valuables. Backpacking in Goa is a very cost effect method of travelling as low cost guest houses are readily available. Expect to pay anything from £1 to £15 a night, depending on your needs. An alternative is to rent a house which can be just as cost effective if you are sharing with others. Extra vigilance is advised if you hire a house as there are always stories of robberies. Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute and Colva are the popular areas for backpackers, where there is very much a backpacking scene and many facilities on offer including taxis, water sports, bars, parties, cheap restaurants.

A popular mode of transport for backpackers in Goa is the motorcycle which can be hired with ease. No backpacking holiday in Goa would be complete without the thrill of motor biking along the winding hilly roads. If you’re not brave enough to hire your own they come in taxi form too. Just remember to agree a price before jumping on the back. Take care as helmets are not commonly worn. The usual backpacking gear is recommended for this type of holiday in Goa and includes maps, torch lights, pocket knives and first aid kits.